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Frustrated with your weight? Seems like nothing is working and you are not seeing visible results?

You Can Laugh At Home Workouts Worries If You Follow This Simple Plan

I will show you how to lose fat, get a stronger and defined body without being on a restrictive diet and starving yourself.  

I assume as you are here you are not searching for some quick fix, magical detox or powder which will solve all your problems.

You know, all too well, there isn't a quick fix. And you're happily willing to wrap your sleeves to achieve your goals. 

That said, since you're here, I'm assuming you're not 100% happy with your progress. You're doing well and, overall, you're in good shape.

But no matter how hard you workout and no matter how strict you are with your diet, it feels almost impossible to get rid of that ________ (fill with your problem zone)

You are confused because you hear different stories from your friends and read different opinions from the internet. You don't know what is right and what you should be doing.
Now, I'm also going to assume and guess that:
You've tried many different diets and, while many probably worked (especially during the first few weeks), you eventually interrupt, did not see progress and could not make it longer. Results were not staying. 

You want to get stronger and have more muscle definition but you aren't exactly sure which workouts to follow or what diet is best to get you the best results in the least amount of time.

You're tired of gaining & losing the same 4 to 10kg of stubborn body fat over and over again. Because regardless of how hard you workout and how "healthy" you are seeing a "yo-yo" cycle more often which leads to other emotional and physical problems. 

You have learned (probably even through your own experience) that crash dieting, being hungry all the time, and spending a ridiculous amount of hours to workout every week isn't healthy OR sustainable.

You might be able to do it for a few weeks or a month or maybe even three months.

But not forever.

And you know, just as well as I do, if you can't do something consistently, it's not going to work long-term.
That is why many people will never be happy in their life .

Because they go "all in" on restrictive diets and very intense workout programs. Then they hope that they stay motivated until the goal is reached.

But it never works that way.

Because the diets are too restrictive. The workouts take too long. Motivation will not always be there.
Not because you don't want to keep going. But because there is something always happening in life.

Here is a secret..
You don't need to be on a restrictive diet to get life-long results..

You don't need to workout for hours to get results..

You will learn that there is always something you can do when you don't feel motivated...

I'm Going to Show You Exactly What to Do and you will learn my best strategies I have ever used
Hey ! ;) If you don’t know who I am, my name is Turo.
I love to have my filter coffee with milk and smoothie as a first thing in the morning.

I used to be an ice hockey professional but to be honest, I was never fitter and happier in life than now, years after retirement. I was thinking food is not important when you do a lot of sports, now I know how wrong I was.

I have been fortunate to be able to help and motivate literally hundreds of awesome people to change their life forever. Not only to lose weight, but to also keep that weight after. They were able to make permanent lifestyle changes and now live a happier life than ever before.

I want to give you all my knowledge from years of education and lessons I learned working with so many people and most of all from mistakes I have made.
I'll Tell You the "Secret..."
It's NOT an expensive pill or powder or supplement.

It's NOT a cleanse or detox or magical fat burning body cream.

It's NOT sexy, fancy or something miraculous what would be easy to market

Do you know what it is?
I'll tell you my 3 secrets..
Secret 1: Workouts
More is not better, especially in the beginning. You have a plan where you decide how many times in a week and how long your sessions will be. First goal is to follow your plan for a month and after add more if you still feel like it.
Secret 2: Nutrition
You know exactly what you should be eating, it is clear but you have different ways to do it practically. 
You have flexibility to eat foods you enjoy that you will never have to be like you are in a prison. 
You will learn strategies on how to build small habits in your life. 

Suddenly you realize that habit after another you have made many changes and built yourself a new lifestyle.

Secret 3: Accountability and Support

Have you ever gone out to eat with a group of friends or family who aren't as into fitness as you? And when you order a salad or pass on dessert they look at you weird?

They tell you to “just one drink more” , “one bite won't hurt” or “don´t be so boring”

These people will ultimately ruin your progress if you listen to them. To reach your goals you will need your “cheerleaders” who support you and cheer you up when you don't feel like doing things you know you should be doing.

It is crucial for your success being around people who struggle with exactly the same problems as you, who will support you when you have a bad day.

The people you surround yourself with influence your emotions and decisions, far more than most of us realize.
When you have the opportunity to surround yourself with people who support, help and motivate you, you are far more likely to succeed and stay on track.
Get Started With FitMitTuro Online Training and get Access to My Best Workouts, Nutrition Tips and Members only App with Portal for Accountability
Past years I have worked only with 1 on 1 Online Clients and they have got amazing results through Online Training.
Problem is that 1 on 1 Online Training is a bit more expensive and everybody can't afford it or they don´t need that much support.
Ultimately that is the reason why I became a coach. To help as many people as I can. Not making as much and as easy money as I can. 
That is a reason why I have created
FitMitTuro Online Training.
It is more affordable and will help you to reach your goals.
You will get my FitMitTuro App, where you have my best workouts available for each level, equipment to workout from home. You can plan your workouts when it suits your schedule.
You will get a healthy cooking book (made by Alex Stimpfl, who lost 15 kg while writing these recipes!)
You can create the nutrition plan for your goals and fill a diary to be sure that you know your calories and macros.
You have weekly challenges and accountability messages to keep you motivated.
You have access to all my LIVE Workouts.

What My Clients say: Brigitte 59 years
"I have tried 100 different diets and methods and nothing was working for me in long term. Now I found something what really helped me to get results what are staying. I never felt being on diet and finally I am able to enjoy new lifestyle. Now I am able to lose weight even on holidays"
I could not be more proud about you Brigitte. With your hard work you have deserved your success. More than 10 Kilos and over 20 cm circumference in belly are just few of many results you got in 8 months. Respect! You are truly motivation for all.
What My Clients say: Giuseppe 47 years
" Before I started Online Training with Turo I had overweight and my back was hurting. I wanted not only to lose weight but also get better endurance. I was not sure if would be able to workout alone but with very first time I talked with Turo I got already feeling that he will be able to help me and motivate me.
Now after 5 months I started Online Training, I have reached my all goals I had in the beginning. I actually lost more weight than I thought would be possible and not only losing fat, I was able to build more lean muscle mass. Pain in my back is gone and I actually have done all my workouts in that time.
Turo is doing great job with tips, motivation and I could not wish anything more from Online Training.
I am really happy and can only recommend Turo and his Online Training to anybody. It is worth to invest yourself and good coach."
You will get all this: 
FitMitTuro App
Train with my 3D-animated personal trainer, who demonstrates each exercise in detail.
* Complete training units for home & gym
* Create individual training routines
* Comprehensible, 3D animated training videos
* Written exercise instructions
* Training reminders (only if you want them, of course!)
* Get rewards for training
* Progress tracking: track more than 30 parameters!
- You are not bound to locations, fitness levels or materials. I offer workouts with body weight, with gym equipment or just an office workout that you can do during your working hours.
- It is fully integrated with Nutrition App, your meter for calories, carbohydrates and fats. Download both apps to get in shape even faster. No app offers a more comprehensive fitness & nutrition tracking solution on a single platform!
Whether you want to lose weight, build up muscles or just stay in shape, I have the right training for you. Plan your exercises for the future and create workout memories. That way you can stay in your workout routine.
FitMitTuro Nutrition App
Highly developed nutrition system .
Nutrition is an important part of any plan, whether it is to build muscle or lose weight. You can take advantage of the advanced nutrition system, including a personal food log linked to a database of thousands of foods.

FitMitTuro- Workout plans
You do not need to go to the gym to be active and get fit. Thanks to brand-new body weight training plans, you can...
- Work out from the comfort of your own home
- Transform your body with equipment-free exercises
- Learn about new body weight based training forms
- Get creative with your fitness routines at home

Training plan for all needs

Whenever you have time, you can choose your training plan based on the time and equipment you use
- Train at home with your own body weight
- Be adaptable, how and where you train
- Follow a training plan 
- Get access to my best training plans that have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals
You have access to the FitMitTuro Facebook group and the FitMitTuro portal, where you will have weekly challenges and be motivated to stay on track. You'll also get in touch with people who are going through the exact same process. Social support is priceless.
It's not just the app, I personally make sure that you will succeed! I want to give you gifts that you won't get anywhere else
Cooking  E-Book
Over 70 healthy recipes for new ideas ala chef Alex Stimpfl. Alex lost 15 Kg while combining these recipes. (book is in German language)
LIVE Workout-Library
Over 50 different LIVE trainings with Personal Trainer Turo
Different length and level : 
HIIT Training
Strength training at home without equipment
Strength training at home with equipment (dumbbells, chair, bands)
Stretch and flexibility
Nutrition Video Course
Short videos for all the most important topics you need to know:
- What you need to know about protein, carbohydrates and fats and water intake
- Possibility to choose from different nutritional plans, the right one for you
- You can eat foods you like, you only get recommended macronutrients for your goals
- You will learn to understand your current food intake and how you could change your habits without eating restrictively.

Only these gifts are worth over 900€, but I want to give them to you for FREE.
But this offer is only for the next
12 hours Valid!
100% 14 Days MONEY Back Guarantee
If you join the FitMitTuro Online Training. Give it a fair shot. Try App and workouts. Run the nutrition plans. Get some new ideas for cooking. But still hate it within the first 14 days...I will give you a FULL refund. No questions asked.
You don't have much to lose. Actually, you have nothing to lose.
Like I said, if you hate it I will give you a full refund. And I'll even let you KEEP Cooking Book (€29 value)

But don't join the FitMitTuro Online Training "just because." Don't join because you're bored. Or because "why not." And definitely not if you're looking for a quick fix.
I'm not doing this to get your money. If I was, I'd charge a lot more. I'm doing this because I want to help you and as many others as possible. That's my goal.
You Have Two Options to Choose From Right Now....

Option 1: Keep doing what you're already doing. And if you're seeing great results and you're excited about your progress...don't change it. There's no reason for you to join the FitMitTuro Online Training if you're already crushing it and are happy with the way your body is progressing.

Option 2: You give your trust to me as your coach, You don't do any thinking or guesswork. No problem solving or second-guessing yourself. You get unlimited access to everything you need to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger, more defined, remove pain and create a healthy relationship with food.

Both options are valid and, regardless of whether or not you join, I'm always here for you. Always. No matter what.

So if you decide to join FitMitTuro Online Training...

Do it because you're ready to take your body to the next level.

Do it because you will never ever want to feel like being on diet anymore.

Do it because you don't want to waste any more time. You will be using a system that works. With a coach who cares. 

You in?

If you are, you're probably going to be happy to hear the cost is way less than you think....
When you join the FitMitTuro Online Training right now, you get ACCESS to my App, Cooking Book, Workouts, everything I have ever created. 

40€/ a month is less than one Coffee in a day.

That's 1,3 € per day. And you can cancel anytime!

Here is a summary of
If you buy this ONE-TIME offer!
  • FitMitTuro App (€ 29 value)
  • FitMitTuro nutrition app (€ 29 value)
  • ​FitMitTuro training plans (€ 299 value)
  • ​Cookbook with over 70 recipes (€29 value)
  • ​LIVE Workout library (over 50 workouts) (€499 value)
  • ​FitMitTuro nutrition video course (€249 value)
  • ​FitMitTuro community (priceless)
Total value: € 1134
But today you get all this...
Only for €40
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